Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps

What Vehicle Wraps Can Do For You
For business owners interested in attracting new business, customers, or even just new leads and inquiries, vehicle wrap advertising is an affordable and highly successful marketing tool.

In a large metropolitan area, like Memphis TN, a Vinyl Wraps for Trucks have the potential to be exposed to 50,000 customers every day. No other advertising can come anywhere near that kind of exposure for a cost similar to that of a vehicle wrap. Your vehicle is a traveling billboard just waiting for someone to read what it says, and unlike a static billboard in one location, your message can cover huge areas and be seen by more consumers than would normally not see a single-position billboard.

Here’s an example; the Trucking Association & Outdoor Advertising association of America reports that in a single year, an average vehicle wrap on a delivery truck can make 16 million impressions on consumers. Each impression is a point of contact with a potential customer, just the same as if that customer had seen a commercial on television or an advertisement in a newspaper.

If you compare the cost per square foot, per thousand impressions of a vehicle wrap, the cost difference is enormous. An average vehicle wrap in cost per thousand is approximately $0.21 per square foot, while a typical billboard costs about $2.40 per square foot “ a savings of over 90%!

The Vehicle Wraps Benefits For You

Besides the increase in brand awareness and exposure to a broad marketing area, there are several other benefits.

The first is the ability to be seen more effectively than your competitors. In many cases, businesses don’t even consider the visibility that a vehicle wrap will bring their business. They stay rigidly entrenched in the more traditional and less effective marketing venues of the past; magazines, newspapers, radio and TV. These are all viable marketing options, but very few can generate the awareness and demographic diversity that a wrapped vehicle can in just the course of everyday business. By beating your competitors to the punch, you will corner the market quickly and with little effort.

Another valuable benefit is one of business notoriety. With a sharp, professional, attractive, and well crafted marketing message on your vehicle, you will appear at the forefront of your industry. Not to mention the fact that your vehicle will give the impression of an entire fleet of vehicles since it will be seen in various places, often at multiple times each day. This helps give the impression of size and reliability that is sometimes hard to generate in other ways.

However, the most noticeable benefit to both your business and marketing efforts will be in the cost savings that come from a well-done vehicle wrap. As was pointed out above, vehicle wraps are one of the lowest cost marketing outreaches you can do. In terms of exposure, they just can’t be beat. And, because these wraps last upwards of 10 years, there is no recurring investment. Unlike other marketing forms like billboard rental, ad placement, etc., the one-time vehicle wrap charge can be spread out over multiple-year marketing budgets. The savings on your marketing budget alone make this a worthwhile investment, not to mention the other value added benefits.

Don’t let another moment pass without opening the door to greater exposure for your business. Contact one of our Kranken Signs vehicle wrap representatives today to discuss how we can get started generating more interest in your business.

Custom Vinyl Stickers

Kranken Signs is the destination for just about every type of custom decal stickers. We can produce signs, Custom Decals for Windows, Custom Vinyl Labels, flags and decals that get the message across over specially or fit right where you require them. Custom decals from Kranken Signs incorporate a universe of shapes, materials, sizes, hues, typestyles or text styles or unique components. Permit our specialists to work with you to first decide your necessities. It might be a sure look you’re after, it could mean outlining an arrangement of decals that separate you from the opposition. Our proficient way to deal with creation time and our broad exhibit of suppliers imply that your custom decal sticker items will be arranged on time and agreeable to you.

Decals and stickers have been around for quite a long time and a staple for the creative impulses of youthful personalities. When somebody says the word decal or sticker, the principal thing a great many people imagine is something they used to gather when they were more youthful.

At Kranken Signs, we can be an asset for these sorts of decals and in addition the numerous different structures and reasons decals are utilized today. Utilizing cutting edge gear, we can plan custom decal stickers that are sufficiently little to put in a sticker book or sufficiently vast to apply to a divider. The numerous employments of decals extent from stickers for a Blood Drive to a logo on a Basketball floor. We can deliver moves of metallic, decorated stickers, letters for vehicle windows, store front windows, working hours, unofficial IDs, guard stickers, divider workmanship, OSHA security decals and custom stickers to advance your business or occasion.

In light of your needs, we have an extensive variety of vinyl material with varying evaluations of grip. In the event that you require a ‘low tack’ sticker that should be removed soon after an occasion, we can offer assistance. On the off chance that you require ‘high tack’ floor graphics or Custom Logo Stickers that will withstand overwhelming activity and still hold its color and attachment, we can give that too. We can even print a decal that will hold fast to a block divider as though it were painted on!

Whatever your amount or volume you require, we can deliver your decal outlines rapidly. In the event that your venture requires establishment, Kranken Signs focus can help with professionally qualified installers that will ensure your undertaking is finished professionally.

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Return On Investment

Primetime TV spot: $20.54
Newspaper (1/4 page B&W): $11.66
Primetime Network TV: $11.31
Radio (:60 morning drive slot): $5.92
Rotary Bulletins (posters): $3.90
Rotary Bulletins (billboards): $1.78
Truck/Vehicle Wrap: Less than $0.70

Vehicle Wrap Estimate